Vinyasa Yoga (all levels) / Gentle Yoga / Meditation
Particular classes, in groups or home practices

* Community outdoors classes in English or Spanish (donation/koha)
* Particular classes at my house: $24 (max. 3 people)
* Personalized classes at your place: $30 (max. 3 people)

* Arrive or be ready 5 minutes before the class starts.
* It’s recommended not eating at least one or two hours before performing the class.
* Each class is different and develops flows with creativity. It will always depend on the experience of the students and in the different objectives of the practice so is required to have a little chat before.
* At the beginning and at the end of each class we chant some mantras, so is requested to remain in silence and demonstrate respect during these minutes of meditation.

Yoga means UNION of our consciousness with the infinite consciousness. This is a direct physical experience and a spiritual practice. Vinyasa is an active and dynamic practice where each workout has its purpose. It is a sequence of movements and exercises with fluid transitions, using coordination with breathing. In Vinyasa Yoga the prana (energy) is mobilized throughout the body and good health is maintained by the movement.