Yoga is also a mental and spiritual practice in the sense that can be used to align your mind. In this section, you will learn that there are many ways of meditation.

This Era has forced us to be with the mind at one thousand per hour; active, in a hurry, “disconnected with ourselves.” I invite you to STOP a moment and have a break to bring the meditation into your life, please in a comfortable position with your straight spine and take a long and deep breath…

Many will know that there are lots of ways to meditate because every encounter with our interior means a respite for our mind. Those who know they can understand that in any daily action they can find their own meditation, but for those who are not yet familiar with this practice, some of the best known and easy to start are:

  • Pranayamas

~Breathe to get the prana (energy). Every breath is a new opportunity to increase your awareness and grounding yourself into the present moment. Breath in the positive prana and breathe out to release the energy that no longer serves you.~

Prana is the life energy that flows through our body and chakras, creating emotional and physical feelings and experiences. Through yoga and meditation, you can expand your chakras, increasing the flow of vital prana in your body and thereby your health.

  • Mindfulness

This meditation consists of being connected at the same time with the present (here and now), and the consciousness of your body. The idea is to prepare our minds to face reality in another way, and stop to appreciate with greater wisdom to feel mindful.

The idea is that your mind pay attention to the present, your breathing, the body sensations, the aromas… you can hear noises or everything that is happening at that moment, then you come back focusing on your breathing and pass over your thoughts, you let them go and take up your concentration on the here and now.

“YUGA CHITTA VRTTI NIRODHA” In meditation, Samadhi is experienced when the mental fluctuations are calm and stilled.

Reflect on how you can enjoy more the present. Stop and see how you are, and please try not to fall into an automatic life because it will go fast day by day without appreciating at all.