Ayur mean Life and Veda mean Science, so Ayurveda literally signifies “science of life”.

It is the most antique medicinal system in the Earth and comes from India, from the Vedic science of the yogic wisdom. It is based on the tridosha scheme of body-mind constitution in every human being.

“Today, many people are drawn to Oriental healing systems and herbology because these approaches offer the promise of a healing system that is at once powerfully effective and gentle with the least danger of side effects.” The Yoga of Herbs by David Frawley & Vasant Lad.

Yoga and Ayurveda they complement each other because of the lifestyle that both reaches in their practices. The medicinal system of the yogic understanding of life and the transformation of habits in the human given asanas/meditation/pranayama achieves changes in the body, mind and spirit of every person.

It is important to practice the asanas as a physical benefit but also in regards to the internal transformation as well with the medicine or diet, it is essential ingesting some herbs and follow procedures to treat our emotions and mind.