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Bienvenid@s a nuestra Comunidad de Yoga ૐ

“Suelta las hojas secas de tu interior y déjate pasar por el invierno cultivando tu propio sol con la ayuda de tu fuego interior, para que luego puedas renacer y hacer crecer tus semillas durante la primavera.”

La práctica de Yoga es un viaje al interior, y se trata de cultivar una actitud de paciencia y tolerancia con nosotros mismos. La esencia de esta práctica es la humildad y bondad, por lo que es muy importante ser compasivo y tratar a otros con respeto. Abraza la Pureza de tu verdadero Ser con la práctica de Yoga.

En esta comunidad online de bienestar encontrarás:

  1. Clases de Vinyasa Yoga y meditación en la ciudad, en la playa, en parques o centros para comunidades locales; durante la práctica aprenderás a seguir algunas rutinas básicas de asanas (posturas físicas) y pranayamas (técnicas de respiración).
  2. Recetas saludables para todos; ayúdate y come como un yogui y aprende a crear productos de belleza de la naturaleza. Tu comida también es tu medicina.
  3. Información general sobre un estilo de vida saludable, Ayurveda y Espiritualidad.

Compartir es demostrar interés; planta tu semilla de felicidad.
¡Disfruta el viaje!


Welcome to our Yoga Community ૐ

“Release the dry leaves of your interior and let yourself pass through the winter cultivating your own sun with the help of your inner fire so you can later reborn and make grow your seeds during spring time.”

The Yoga practice is a journey to the innerself. It’s about cultivating an attitude of patience and tolerance with ourselves. The essence of this practice is humility and kindness so it’s very important to be compasive and treat each other with respect. Embrace the purity of your true self with Yoga.

In this online cOMmunity of wellbeing you will find:

  1. Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation classes at the beach, parks or community centers for local cOMmunities; during the practice you will learn how to follow some basic routines of asanas (physical poses) and pranayamas (breathing techniques).
  2. Healthy recipes for everyone; help yourself and eat like a yogi and learn how to create beauty products from nature. Your food is also your medicine.
  3. General information about Healthy Lifestyle, Ayurveda and Spiritual Awarness.

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Enjoy the journey!


Ayurvedic Chai Tea; make your own yogic treat after practice

How do you feel when you finish a yoga class? In my experience, I perceive so much harmony and contentment after my practice that I feel beloved. My mind is in a state of peace… so I could increase that “feel-good factor” with a treat.

I’m always keen to satisfy that obsession I got with sweet things but after a few years of being aware of my body, I realize that following healthy options instead of food vices is a wise way to lead our relationship with food into a mindful eating lifestyle.

This psychology about food shows us treats as a pleasant experience that makes us feel good after we eat something we like a lot, but taking care of choosing in a smart way. As an emotional eater, I recommend this typical recipe of Chai Tea that I took from an Ayurvedic book.

chai tea

Ingredients (300ml.)

300 ml. of water
1 tbsp of black tea herbs
4 grains of whole peppermint
4 sticks of cloves
3 seeds of cardamom
1 stick of cinnamon
ginger to taste


Put the water and the tea in a cooking pot
Add the peppermint, cloves, cardamon and cinnamon stick into the pot
Include ginger if you want to give a spicy taste
If you like the “chai latte” add a bit of milk (normal or vegetal)
Bring to boil for 20 minutes
Use a strainer to pour the mix in a cup

Help yourself and drink some tea 🙂 hope you like it!



Hello to Yoga & Bye Stress!

The stress is a fact of life and the important thing is how you decide to deal with it; hide from it? fear it? or do something to defeat it? It is your decision to don’t internalize the stress. Better if you decide to practice Yoga and manage it!

by MML.

For some years, the yoga practice has become one of the most popular disciplines in the west because of its many benefits. People start with a routine that they then find it difficult to leave after since it nourishes body and soul. That is why yoga means union; the union of our consciousness with infinite consciousness.

The definition of yoga is at the same time its goal. Each yogi or yogini works daily on this spiritual path that unites our physical being with our mind so someday we will reach an enlightenment experience -which in Sanskrit is called Samadhi-. And accompanying this beautiful journey of self-knowledge in conjunction with meditation, several benefits have achieved that increase the quality of life.

This interesting discipline from India seeks that practitioners find protection within their practice, and at the same time nourish themselves with the blessings bestowed by this connection. By experiencing the “now” and giving a daily space to listen to ourselves, we begin at once an inner learning that fills with joy and can become a great purpose.


When a person does not have time to nourish itself, the problems related to stress or poor health of the soul (which then manifests itself in the body) begin. Today, and generally in cities, people do not have time for anything; they get up early to go to work and in the afternoon they are so tired that just want to distract watching television. This work-home lifestyle, while it can deliver economic satisfaction, does nothing more than block us into a routine that will not make us totally happy.

Stress is lived by the lack of time or by trying to follow standards that are the same for all the people. And that’s the error because we are all different. In Yoga, we can understand this looking to the body when realizing that each person has a different posture (asana), and that their progress can be achieved thanks to the constancy and dedication that is given to their practice.

In the philosophy of yoga we observe how through our discipline, our actions & behaviors, thoughts & reactions work in connection with our well-being, so when you start having a daily yoga practice and at a constant schedule allows us to enjoy a precious space for ourselves.

From there we can understand how we want to begin to relate to the universe; with whom we share and how we respect the others, and what it makes us good, both for our environment and for ourselves. While reflecting on this, one can realize that each one knows what their own truth is. But the challenge is to allow this energy (which flows universally) to reach our consciousness to reconnect.

This is why yoga practice is recommended to remove or reduce stress, because it allows each person to know from the inside to the outside, to accept and feel content with themselves. Giving yourself time for each one is the best medicine that exists these days.

What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?


Detox routine for every morning

Some people says that having a routine is the worst for the human mind but I think they’re wrong. Having a routine of good habits helps the body to be healthy and become strong as an act of self-love. I have experienced these changes in the last few years thanks to Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga so, I will tell you my everyday morning routine.


Ayurveda is a universal knowledge that literally means “Science is Life” and it’s the ancient Medicinal System of India. This science provides a holistic and healing knowing on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, and the healing is based on herbs, diet, colors, aromas, sounds & lifestyle recommendations.

The nature world is an excellent example of thinking about daily routines because it follows the natural rhythms of every season, the cycles of the sun and it easily adapts to changes to live. So I wonder why in this modern life we have forgotten the habits that are good for us?

1.- Get out of the bed early in the morning!
When you follow a bedtime as a sacred habit every day and sleep the proper amount of hours you need to rest is positive for your mind & body because you are giving a good break to yourself and setting up your internal clock. Also if you wake up early you will have extra time in the morning for making something you like, for example practicing yoga, meditation or go running.

2.- Clean/scrape your tongue when you wake up
In an Ayurvedic daily routine, the fact of getting rid of the toxins and bacteria is a must. This ancient medicine teaches us how our body creates a white secretion in our tongue while we sleep and it’s very important to clean in before we eat or drink anything in the morning.

3.- Brush your teeth before having breakfast
As the same with your tongue because is our entire mouth that should be clean before taking something inside of the body. It helps to stimulate and detoxify the digestive system and the vital organs because is considered as an important step in the oral hygiene.

4.- Drink hot water with lemon to clean your digestive system
This step is useful to awake our digestive track and hydrate the tissues of our body. The warm water and lemons make it possible to cleanse the liver, kidneys and stimulate the intestines. It also functions as a natural diuretic so it cleanses the blood, eliminates fluids and toxins. And if it were not enough, regulates our PH, increase our defenses and improves our skin! Wait at least 30 minutes and feed yourself with a nutritious and energizing breakfast.

5.- Eat fruits or take smoothies as breakfast
If you choose to eat fruits it’s better when you start from acid to sweet, for example, drink an orange juice or eat a kiwi 20 minutes before eating your muesli so you will alkalize your body. Otherwise, you can prepare some smoothies like the Green Juice, an Energizing Berries Smoothie or a Pineapple Juice.

The physiology of our bodies demands regularity so it’s good to start thinking about daily routines as a powerful medicine other than only boring habits. Give it a thought and then meditate about the stability of your mind, body & soul.

Begin your daily routine of rest, exercise & spiritual practice and you will see how your sense of wellness & nervous system will get better!